Online Course Objectives

  • to develop a lifelong learning society

  • to enhance the quality of legal education
  • to become legal professionals
  • to increase citizens who succeed and comprehend legal affairs in constructing a modern developed country
  • to access and understand the law, legal system, and legal terminology
  • to get valuable experience in information technology and apply the law in a wide range of situations
  • to grow human resources which may achieve and use advanced technology.

Disciplinary Matters

1. Face-to-Face program is held in classrooms on Saturdays and Sundays after admission and near examination.

2. Submission of Assignments is compulsoryStudents must submit written assignments in softcopy of the website before the relevant deadline. The assignment marks are recorded as part of the examination.

3. Teaching materials including lecture notes, audio, video, and power point lessons may be downloaded for self-study after admission.

4. Submission of answers relating to Tutorial Tests is also compulsory and tutorial tests will be held in mid semesters. The marks of tutorial tests are recorded as part of the examination.

5. Give yourself 60 minutes to complete the tutorial test by your arrangement for the network.

6. At the end of each semester, the examination shall be held in Exam Centre at YUDE.

7. Submission of the complete term paper is conducted at the end of the second semester for the PGDL course.

8. Students must read the announcements on the homepage of the website.

9. PGDL, LLB, BA (Law), and LLM graduates are invited to the YUDE Convocation Ceremony scheduled under the results released.

Important Note

  • According to the University Manual, any student who has not complied with the course requirements may not be permitted to take the examination. 
  • The students are allowed to bring any printed or written materials to an examination except for the LLM Students.

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